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  • Hand Soaps
    Hand Soaps
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  • Nitrile and Synthetic Gloves
    Nitrile and Synthetic Gloves
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  • Protective Face Shield
    Protective Face Shield
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  • Safe-T-Call Hand Sanitizer
    Safe-T-Call Hand Sanitizer
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Chemicals | Cleaners

We manufacture and supply a full range of cleaning and sanitation chemicals.  Glass, floor, disinfectant, degreasers, bathroom, kitchen, dishwashing,  furniture,  laundry, all purpose and specialty cleaners.  

Paper Products

We carry and supply a full range of paper products.  Hand towels, bathroom tissue, kitchen towels, facial tissue, napkins and a full range of environmentally friendly green paper products.

Garbage Bags

From LLDPE Linear Low Density Polyethylene to Recycled resins with post-consumer content we have a vast product line with a wide variety of garbage bag sizes to choose from.

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